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Communal table.

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Whimsy Chef is an invitation to tuck into something special. Every family has a signature dish that tugs at their heart. Within the pages of, we cook and tell stories, we share photos and we share recipes. You don't have to wait for the holidays to get invited to the communal table.

Is there an amazing recipe that sums up your childhood? A smell from the kitchen that transports you? We would love to have a big old serving of whatever you’re cookin. Sharing a recipe with is fun. It’s an opportunity to document that moment with family/friends and in the most fundamental way, through a home cooked meal and story-telling. We’d love to help you in the kitchen, take a bunch of documentary style photos and share your legacy.

Whimsy Chef is for all cooking levels. We are in it to have fun, share history, chow down and give your special recipe the fame it deserves in both print and imagery. This is for fun & there is no cost except the right to share content. Contact Whimsy Chef and let’s get cookin!

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